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Why We Love Natracare


Erin gushes about Natracare

Naming all of the reasons that I love Natracare would fill a book. This brand is truly leading the world — and has been since 1989! A pioneer and global leader in innovation, not only does Natracare produce an excellent range of accessible and super useful (and necessary!) products, but the company lives by and promotes sustainability, belief in youth, commitment to the environment, promoting women and girls, and so much more. Need a model of corporate social responsibility? Of conscious capitalism? Of transparency? Look no further: Natracare is theanswer.

The Natracare SISTERS platform is a place where I can easily pass hours, reading the many brilliant (and super fun!) pieces on green living, wellbeing, our earth, ethics, eco fashion, value, myths, and on and on. I read a lot of “green” themed content and this stands out in a huge way. I am even featured as an Inspiring Sister, which was quite an honor!

Led by the most splendiferous sister duo of Theresa and Susie, Natracare has been an extraordinary supporter of Teens Turning Green over the years, believing in us and our many projects (which we support more than could ever be expressed). And they are powering Project Green Challenge! I received this beautiful piece from Susie today and wanted to share, as it sheds some light on the genuine heart and soul behind this phenomenal company.

“Natracare is hugely proud to be a sponsor of Project Green Challenge. This youth-led project is already inspiring and mobilising the masses from all different backgrounds and regions across the states to engage and involve themselves in environmental issues. As a brand of organic and natural feminine hygiene products we advocate that small and careful daily choices are the way towards an eco-friendly lifestyle. With so much greenwashing and misinformation around, the participants of PGC will learn valuable insights and research that will provide them with the tools to be more discerning shoppers and worldly citizens.”

*And because I know many of you will ask… no, I was not paid or anything of the sort to write this post. This is the truth. I love Natracare and all that the company stands for and want to share this excellent model of success and goodness with others.