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A great piece by Eco18 on Project Green Challenge… and the momentum just keeps on growing! Are you ready for Oct 1!?

Students Lead 30-Day Eco-Challenge

College students participate in the Project Green Challenge and green up their lives by talking on landlines, using reusable water bottles, eating organic and keeping track of all their green efforts on the back wall. Image provided by Project Green Challenge.

On October 1st, Teens Turning Green (TTG) will launch a challenge for high school and college students to green up their lives for 30 days. Project Green Challenge (PGC) will run through the entire month of October, giving participants 30 simple steps to make living a green life as easy and fun as possible.

“The Challenge aims to raise awareness about conscious living, informed consumption, and the collective impact of individual actions, as well as empower students with actionable steps for their own lives,” said Erin Schrode, 20, Project Green Challenge Program Director and Co-Founder of TTG. “In one short month, you‘ll not only change your life, but help sustain the planet too.”

Each day, participants can choose to accept the “green, greener or greenest” challenge. The greener you go, the better chance you have to win prizes up for grabs each day throughout the month, but if you don’t have a lot of time to complete an action one day, you can choose the “green” option. Challenges will cover a myriad of green topics including fitness, food, decorating, gardening, fair trade, wellness, technology, style and basically anything else green-related you can think of. Along with a new challenge, each day participants will receive eco-tips, facts and resources to help them on their eco-journey.

“I have been a part of Teens Turning Green for four years, and with Project Green Challenge we are reaching students across the entire nation, which is truly amazing,” said Brooke, Senior at Tam High. “Our goal is to help others learn how easy it can be to green their lives – one day at a time.”

At the end of the month, participants can submit an application with a video sharing their experience throughout Project Green Challenge and 10 finalists will be chosen to participate in an eco-summit in San Francisco called Green University. These 10 finalists will also receive a Raleigh bicycle, $100 gift card to Whole Foods Market, year’s worth of Nature’s Path snacks, swag from The Container Storeand many other prizes.

One grand prize winner, chosen by an elite panel of judges at the Green University, will also take home a $5,000 scholarship, $1,000 gift card to Whole Foods Market, $1,000 to spend at The Container Store an eco-style makeover and much, much more. Do yourself a favor and check out the prize page for the full list.

“Project Green Challenge has created a fun and easy way to involve high school and college students in being green,” said Ellen Spurgeon, Campus Representative, Chief and Director of Sustainability for Indiana University’s student government. “It has been encouraging to see the enthusiasm across Indiana University’s campus to participate in the movement toward a greener lifestyle.”

Over 1,000 people across the US have already signed up. This challenge is open to people of all ages, though only high school and college students are eligible to win the finalist and grand prize packages. To register for the Project Green Challenge, or just to see if anyone else at your school is involved, visithttp://www.projectgreenchallenge.com.

OMI’s Shout Out to PGC


Who doesn’t want an organic mattress?! WE CERTAINLY DO! And it seems that a lot of other people do too, by the rate of sign ups coming in for Project Green Challenge (hundreds in the past couple of hours!). Check out this latest post from our brilliant, industry-leading partner OMI

Teens Turning Green

Our  friend Erin Schrode from Teens Turning Green is one of the brilliant young minds behind Project Green Challenge, a powerful, diverse, and far-reaching movement inspiring young people to take action and protect our planet.

Here is a exert from their website about the movement:

This October, Teens Turning Green is energizing high school and college students across the country to participate in Project Green Challenge, a 30-day green lifestyle initiative. The Challenge will raise awareness about conscious living, informed consumption and the collective impact of each of our actions.

With the guidance of eco experts, industry leaders and the PGC Guide to Living Green, participants will discover how fun, easy and effective eco living can be.

How it Works

Throughout October a daily green challenge will be outlined onProjectGreenChallenge.com and in an email delivered to each participant who has signed up . Each challenge will be supported with resources, tips, facts and a green glossary.

Over the course of the 30-day Challenge, participants will share their responses to challenge tasks on ProjectGreenChallenge.com utilizing Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Get Your Green Diploma

Contestants who complete the 30-day Challenge can apply for the Challenge Finals. Ten finalists will be selected to participate in Green University, a two-day eco summit held in California this December. Students will be flown to San Francisco where they will learn from esteemed eco leaders, present experiences from the 30-day Challenge, and work together to create unique platforms for social action.This new slate of projects will be implemented by Teens Turning Green and youth nationwide in 2012.

Challenge Champion

A panel of judges will name one finalist as the Project Green Challenge Champion. The winner will receive a one-of-a-kind prize package and the opportunity to work with Teens Turning Green and its partners in the coming year.

Join the Challenge!

Be apart of a world changing initiative – sign up today!

And be sure to get your friends and school involved in Project Green Challenge. Two students from participating schools will be invited to participate as Project Green Challenge Campus Reps and to lead the effort on their school campuses. Click here if you want to see what the job entails and to sign up.


Take the challenge today and help your generation protect our planet!

Hey Students!


We love this headline from Earth911 about Project Green Challenge

Hey, Students! Win $5K, Dorm Makeover and More

by Jennifer Berry

The new Project Green Challenge calls on all high school and college students to improve themselves and the environment with one “challenge” each day for 30 days, starting Oct. 1.

These challenges will be based on a daily theme and come complete with resources, tips, a glossary, experts, videos and more. There are even green, greener, and greenest levels, which students can complete and share with their peers on ProjectGreenChallenge.com utilizing Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The amazing prizes up for grabs include a $5,000 college scholarship, $1,000 Whole Foods Market gift card, weekend trip for two to southern California, bicycle courtesy of Natracare, full eco-dorm or room makeover, a year’s supply of Nature’s Path breakfast and snack foods, organic and ethical clothing, natural body products and more.

Ten finalists will be flown to San Francisco for an educational and inspiring two-day eco summit, called Green University, where leaders like Josh Dorfman and Rachel Sarnoff will be speaking. And, if students don’t want to go it alone, groups and even entire schools can sign-up to participate.

“I want to inform and inspire, showing my peers that small changes in our daily actions really can have a positive effect on our health and the environment,” says Erin Schrode, co-founder and spokeswoman for Teens Turning Green, who created Project Green Challenge.Teens Turning Green is a student-led movement devoted to education and advocacy around environmentally and socially responsible choices for individuals, schools and communities.

Earth911 is proud to be an official Media Partner for Project Green Challenge. We’ll be participating in daily challenges throughout the campaign, so consider yourself one-step ahead of the competition! Check out Project Green Challenge now and register in time for the kick-off Oct. 1. You can also like them on Facebook and follow on Twitter for updates.

The Hollenders Join PGC!


Your commitment to living green can begin with something as simple (and economical!) as buying and consuming less. Watch this brilliant video with Jeffrey Hollender and his daughter Chiara on what they are doing to lessen individual footprints on the planet.

How will YOU transition from conventional to conscious? Sign up for Project Green Challenge and join the movement today.


Looking for passion and enthusiasm?


We are loving this piece on Celebrate Green all about PGC and more! They really do “put the meaning in the greening.”

3 question interview: Erin co-founder of Teens Turning Green

by Lynn and Corey

Remember when a huge auditorium wasn’t big enough to contain your passion and enthusiasm? If you’ve lost some of that, time to find it again. And the best place to look could be toward young people like Erin Schrode, 20, Project Green Challenge program director and co-founder of Teens Turning Green.

Erin, along with her mother, TTG founder and executive director Judi Shils, and 15 TTG interns from around the country spent the last four months developing the concept for Project Green Challenge, an online initiative that seeks to engage high school and college students across the country and inspire them to transition “from conventional to conscious,” via a 30-day green lifestyle challenge.

So if you live with teens or young adults, or know some, encourage them to join the the fun and live Project Green Challenge’s tagline, “from conventional to conscious in 30-days.” This is something that could impact them (and ultimately the planet), for the rest of their lives

1. What sorts of steps are included? Which ones do you expect students will jump into and which will be a little less likely for them to initiate?

Each of the thirty days will have a theme, ranging from water to organic food, energy to personal care, sustainable apparel to exercise, recycling to advocacy, and much more. Some are very specific, take organic cotton for an example — delving into the environmental and social consequences of the plethora of products we use daily that are made from cotton. The home/dorm/space challenge is multifaceted and takes a more holistic approach, encouraging people to assess their surroundings and its many elements.

Advocacy is much more meta—a mindset shift. So we have a wide range of themes and entry points, which we hope will appeal to the masses. No matter what your interest, background, focus in life, there are Challenges that will have specific relevance. Some, like healthy food or switching from single use to reusable items, are familiar topics, top of mind, in the media—and therefore may be more easily embraced, while others will be entirely new, venturing into uncharted territories. Both of those options excite us and our audience!

There will be a “green challenge” that participants are asked to complete, with specifics tasks/actions/deliverables. If people want to delve deeper, there are daily “greener” and “greenest” levels, with prizes to incentivize engagement. After the 30 days, participants will have the chance to apply for the Challenge Finals, a two-day fun and educational eco extravaganza in San Francisco in December. Ten will then be selected and flown to SF, receiving great prizes packages and the chance to interact with and hear from esteemed leaders and competing for the grand prize as Challenge champion. Prize info is on our website, if you want to take a look.

2. How did you come up with the challenges? Were students included in putting them together?

I led a team of fifteen interns this summer, working tirelessly to develop challenges based upon what was relevant and interesting to our demographic: high school and college students. We had a ball dreaming up ideas and refining them! We have not merely had input or approval in the process, rather we have been leading it every step of the way, in collaboration with leading experts in the each of the fields. This is a true collaboration, and forging partnerships with NGOs, media outlets, and corporations/businesses has been integral to our success. We tap into all of those vast knowledge and content bases, so as to not reinvent the wheel. Project Green Challenge is of youth, by youth, for youth — that you can be sure of!

3. What kind of lasting impact do you expect the challenge to have?

I want to shift the mindset of my generation, to be that spark, the impetus that spurs a transition from conventional to conscious. I know from personal experience with my friends that when a person starts thinking critically, begins to incorporate green and ethical practices into the everyday, it extends into all aspects of one’s lifestyle, school, community, etc. You can’t stop!! This is what I dream of — a world of conscious citizens who speak up, speak out when they see injustice, and are active in bringing about the change that we so desperately need in our world. I have faith in my peers; if we establish patterns of responsibility now, as the future consumer base, voting block, industry leaders, parents, and more, we can shift the paradigm.

Project Green Challenge is powered by Natracare. Lead sponsors include Whole Foods Market, Nature’s Path, The Container Store, Seventh Generation, Replenish, Kejriwal, Steelcase and Swisspers with support from Juice Beauty, Burt’s Bees, PeopleTowels, Annie’s, and New Leaf Paper.

Non Profit Partners: 350.org, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Cradle to Cradle Institute, Eco to Go, Ecomom Alliance, Environmental Media Association (EMA), Fair Trade USA, Global Action Through Fashion, Green Schools Initiative, Green Chamber of Commerce, Healthy Child Healthy World, Non GMO Project, NRDC, One Young World, Pesticide Watch, The Lunch Box, The Schoolbag, Women’s Voices for the Earth

Media Partners: Coco Eco Magazine, DrGreene.com, EcoFabulous.com, EcoMom.com, EcoStiletto.com, GoodGuide.com, Gorgeously Green, GretaGuide.com, Natural Health Magazine, PracticallyGreen.com, TakePart.com

Lynn Colwell and Corey Colwell-Lipson are mother and daughter and authors of  Celebrate Green! Creating Eco-Savvy Holidays, Celebrations and Traditions for the Whole Family, and founders of Green Halloween®.

Two Weeks To Go!


Project Green Challenge begins in just two weeks. WAHOO! Check out Erin‘s brand new video and share it with your friends and networks to drum up excitement! Encourage everyone you know to sign up… because this 30-day eco lifestyle extravaganza is simply too good to miss.


I Challenge You…


I want YOU to sign up for Project Green Challenge. Our latest and greatest Teens Turning Green movement is gaining momentum in such a beautiful way… so join in now! Got to the PGC website to read more, find out ways to get involved, and sign up for the 30-day eco lifestyle challenge coming this October 1 – 30.

Want to live a more sustainable and responsible life? We will give you one simple, fun, high impact step each day… to take you from conventional to conscious in 30 days! Join thousands of young people and sign up today!

Why We Love Natracare


Erin gushes about Natracare

Naming all of the reasons that I love Natracare would fill a book. This brand is truly leading the world — and has been since 1989! A pioneer and global leader in innovation, not only does Natracare produce an excellent range of accessible and super useful (and necessary!) products, but the company lives by and promotes sustainability, belief in youth, commitment to the environment, promoting women and girls, and so much more. Need a model of corporate social responsibility? Of conscious capitalism? Of transparency? Look no further: Natracare is theanswer.

The Natracare SISTERS platform is a place where I can easily pass hours, reading the many brilliant (and super fun!) pieces on green living, wellbeing, our earth, ethics, eco fashion, value, myths, and on and on. I read a lot of “green” themed content and this stands out in a huge way. I am even featured as an Inspiring Sister, which was quite an honor!

Led by the most splendiferous sister duo of Theresa and Susie, Natracare has been an extraordinary supporter of Teens Turning Green over the years, believing in us and our many projects (which we support more than could ever be expressed). And they are powering Project Green Challenge! I received this beautiful piece from Susie today and wanted to share, as it sheds some light on the genuine heart and soul behind this phenomenal company.

“Natracare is hugely proud to be a sponsor of Project Green Challenge. This youth-led project is already inspiring and mobilising the masses from all different backgrounds and regions across the states to engage and involve themselves in environmental issues. As a brand of organic and natural feminine hygiene products we advocate that small and careful daily choices are the way towards an eco-friendly lifestyle. With so much greenwashing and misinformation around, the participants of PGC will learn valuable insights and research that will provide them with the tools to be more discerning shoppers and worldly citizens.”

*And because I know many of you will ask… no, I was not paid or anything of the sort to write this post. This is the truth. I love Natracare and all that the company stands for and want to share this excellent model of success and goodness with others.