Daily Archives: October 31, 2011

Day Thirty: May Your Own


We have reached the LAST day of PGC. I cannot believe it. Wow, what a journey…


Check out Challenge Day 30! Here’s the intro and pop over toPGC to see the Green, Greener, Greenest Challenges and join us!


Over the past month, we have looked at twenty-nine of the world’s most pressing issues through a green lens. Environmental sustainability is a broad topic of global importance and we have examined it from numerous angles. Your innovative, comprehensive, and insightful responses to the challenges have wowed us. The dedication, passion, and creativity is truly remarkable… so, now we want to turn the tables! As you reflect on this month of green, was there a theme we did not touch on which you think would be a great addition to PGC 2012? Tell us! This is the opportunity to share thoughts and think through development of a new theme. We cannot wait to hear your ideas for engaging, fun, and informative challenges!