Daily Archives: October 10, 2011

Preserve and Stonyfield Farm



Preserve is all about sustainable actions. When we take a new step we ask ourselves questions like: How do we know this change is better for the earth? Preserve conducts Life Cycle Assessments, a tool that takes a look at the environmental impact in every phase of the system, including transportation and any materials used in mailing the toothbrush back to us. When you return your toothbrush, there is a net gain in overall environmental impact over throwing your toothbrush in the landfill. To make this assessment, Preserve considers the big picture and take a systems level view, including everything from human health and environmental impact, energy and water usage, and resource depletion. They also consider whether a system can be sustained financially. In redesigning their toothbrush package, they sought to increase rates of recycling (better for the earth) and allow them to continue to reprocess (it’s expensive) the plastics to give them a third life. Did you know that USPS charges Preserve $1.40 for each return through the postage paid program?. Yet, for 44 cents you can send it back to us for recycling via first class mail. This got them thinking, what if they ask you to pay the postage, but then give you rewards worth more than a stamp (through product discounts, coupons, access to product samples and other offers). When they asked you about this change, you gave us them resounding support. To make the transition easier, their continuing to pay the postage for the first 250,000 Mail Back Packs. After that, we’ll have a rewards system in place.