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GATF on Eco Style


We love this post on Global Action Through Fashion, one of our phenomenal world-changing Project Green Challenge partners!

Today’s Eco Style Challenge

We are proud to partner with Teens Turning Green on the Project Green Challenge, which has gone off with a bang! We specifically worked with them on today’s Eco Style Challenge and hope that you will take it.

Teens Turning Green has empowered students around the nation to lead a movement devoted to education and advocacy around environmentally and socially responsible choices for individuals, schools, and communities. As today’s challenge says, most people don’t realize that thousands of chemicals and massive amounts of energy and resources are used to turn raw materials and crops into the textiles that make our clothing. This process poses numerous environmental and human health threats, not to mention social justice concerns. Young people will be a vital part of the movement to make the fashion industry an industry that helps the world instead of hurting it. You can take action, and today’s Challenge helps you learn how. You can also find tips on our Take Actionpage.

We also want to pay tribute to the Project Green Challenge’s amazing Eco Look Book, which features a different eco look for each day of the Challenge. The model is activist and co-founder of Teens Turning Green, Erin Schrode. Styling and art direction was done byMegan Lynn Kott. We recommend checking out some of the companies below to learn about what sustainability means in fashion.

Brands who either loaned or donated pieces for 30 Looks for 30 Days include:
Lara Miller, Curator by She Bible, Threads 4 Thought, Stewart + Brown, Indigenous Designs, Prairie Underground, Me to We, Sock Dreams (Dreamy collection), Olsen Haus, Juleselin, Neuaura Shoes, AK Vintage, Feral Childe, The Podolls, Matt & Nat, Eco Optics, Chinti & Parker, Annie Greenabelle, Be Sweet, The Reformation, Yala Designs, Rebagz, Eileen Fisher, Covet and Victoria Camp Designs.

AND Etsy shops:
Ellembee, MarchelloArt, RecycledFabric, SandeeKnits, SweetandLush, JenniferJonesJewelry, UpCycleYourWorld, IndustREAL, InLoveAgain, ReEcoShop, Jaydemia, TripleGemini, MountainLotus, DenimSource, RicRacandButtons, OllieandWillie, ErinsApparel, ChicVintageWear, BabyBirdVintage, MissThingFashions, TheDuskyJewel, DeathByVintage, BirdsChasingBugs, AccordionFund and Tapiseria.

Hair: Jesse Bones and Anna Phipps
Makeup: Melina Anne
Photos: John Eagle, Seth Andrews, GG Merkle, and Megan Lynn Kott

Discovering Greener Alternatives


Reading about people discovering great, new, eco alternatives excites us more than it should! We love that Project Green Challenge has inspired people to make this shift toward a more conscious lifestyle. Read this submission; it’s brilliant. Bye bye Herbal Essences, Hello WFM 365!

To replace my beloved Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner, I found one called 365 Everyday Value Shampoo with an herbal mint scent. It’s located on the Whole Foods website and unlike some of the other shampoos on there, it received favorable reviews, smells wonderful, and is infinitely greener and a safer product!  It’s only $4 for 32 FL OZ while 23 FL OZ of Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner costs $5!  I will definitely go buy this shampoo to try it out because not only is it so much safer for my own health and also better for the environment, but it’s also cheaper! What a wonderful surprise!  

Green Living Magazine


The buzz about Project Green Challenge only continues to grow… here’s a great new piece from Green Living Magazine!

Young & Green 

Teens Turning Green Launches Project Green Challenge: Youth Changing the World One Day at a Time, Transitioning from Conventional to Conscious 

The youth-led non-profit Teens Turning Green (TTG) is mobilizing high school and college students across the country to green their lifestyles through the 30-day Project Green Challenge.

From October 1 – 30, students will take on one challenge a day, each focused on a specific action aimed at building a powerful, diverse, and far reaching movement. The goal is to inspire youth to transition from conventional to conscious, and to start taking small steps that will help sustain a healthy and just world.

“The challenge aims to raise awareness amongst our generation about conscious living, informed consumption, and the collective impact of individual actions. The idea started as a way to empower my friends and peers to take action in their own lives and on their school campuses,” said Erin Schrode, 20, Project Green Challenge program director and co-founder of TTG. “We want to inspire everyone to make simple, fun changes that will have a lasting impact on our health and that of the planet.”

Schrode points out that “In one short month, you‘ll not only change your life, but help sustain the planet too.” TTG hope at least 100,000 students (and adults) nationwide to take the 30-day green lifestyle challenge.

Each day, people who register onwww.projectgreenchallenge.com will receive an email to take on one challenge focused on a specific “green, greener or greenest” action. Daily topics range from greening your living space, recycling, fitness, vegetarianism, organic materials, plastic, and other important topics.

Each challenge will include eco tips, websites, articles, and videos to inform and inspire contestants to complete the actions. Participants will share their responses and experiences on ProjectGreenChallenge.com, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Schrode, along with her mother, TTG founder and executive director Judi Shils spearheaded an effort that included outreach to hundreds of colleges, universities and high schools to take part. Participating schools include Bard College, Boston University, Brown University, Drexel University, Furman University, Harvard University, Indiana University, Marquette University, New York University, Northern Arizona University, Towson University, University of Alabama, University of Arizona, University of Georgia, University of Texas, Wellesley College, and many more.

“Initial response to Project Green Challenge has been incredible and inspiring. Environmental science teachers are using the Challenge as a basis for curriculum during that month. Student government, Greek life and eco councils are spearheading the movement on many campuses,” said Shils.  “Our hope is to have hundreds of schools and organizations participating. These students from across the country will collaborate with TTG to develop social action platforms and work to change the world in powerful and impactful ways.”

As a culmination to the Challenge, ten finalists will be selected to participate in Green University, a 2-day eco-summit in San Francisco this December 3-4. Although only high school and college students are eligible for prizes, the Challenge is open to ANYONE who wants to make a positive change or just learn a little bit more about greening her life.

Green University will culminate with the selection of the Project Green Challenge Champion by a panel of judges. The champion will win prizes, including a college scholarship, grocery gift certificate, bicycle, head-to-toe eco makeover with clothing, hair, skin and body care products, eco dorm or bedroom makeover, and more, as well as the opportunity to work with TTG in the coming year.