We are BEYOND thrilled with the quality and magnitude of content coming into Project Green Challenge. Check out some tidbits that have gotten our attention throughout the screening process of Challenge Day 1!

• • •

“Clearly, I’m not the greenest of the green. In a forest of mighty evergreens or in rainforest biomes, I equate to a deciduous in winter. But, eh, I’ve tried to an extent. Admittedly, I have not done everything I can do, but I’m faced against some big odds. Neither of my parents is entirely sympathetic to the cause. Clearly, from the start, I am on my own: I can’t count on filial support. If anything, I am sabotaged. I have tried to start recycling at home; my parents will take the recyclables from the bin and throw them back into our trash bag. One step forward, two steps back. No green purchases are made at home, you cannot forget that green usually equates to more green: extra cost. Fortunately, I can count on my parents for one thing: organic meats. After my father fell into a bit of a health craze to lose weight, my family has been eating more fruits and organic meats. So we have a leg up there. Regardless, there’s still much more left to be done.”

  1. -A great submission from enriqueo3

• • •

A reflection on a pic of someone’s current personal care products. We put up this bonus question with the photo on Facebook and got great responses. “Are these green products? Check out and let us know! If they aren’t, what are some better alternatives?”

  1. 1)Dove Anti-Perspirant Deodorant, Invisible Solid, Powder–Overall moderately harmful to our health. A good alternative would be Tom’s of Maine Natural Confidence Roll-On deodorant which poses a low hazard to our health.
  2. 2)Suave Max Hold Hairspray—this is a moderate hazard to our health. A better alternative might be Simply Organic Simply Organic Volume Spray, which is only a low hazard.
  3. 3)I assumed this was hand soap as well. Or maybe mouth wash. A good alternative is Desert Essence Castile Liquid Soap with Organic Tea Tree Oil. If this product is mouth wash than a good alternative would be Tom’s of Maine Natural Baking Soda Mouthwash, Peppermint.
  4. 4)Bath and Body Works Fragrance—this has a high hazard to our health. A better alternative would be Body Organic Citrus Splash Body Mist, which is a very low hazard to our health.
  5. 5)Bath and Body Works Moisturizer—this is overall highly harmful to our health. A good alternative is Episencial Better Body Butter.

• • •

What is your non-green guilty pleasure and how might you transition it to green?

My non-green guilty pleasure is taking hot water showers year long. I developed this habit because after coming home from school, I feel stressed and tired, and a shower is just what I need to feel refreshed. I should start to use less hot water and take shorter showers or start taking baths to make this non-green guilty pleasure “green.”

• • •

What is your non-green guilty pleasure and how might you transition it to green?

Compared to most Americans I use less water just by becoming conscious of water use while brushing my teeth and using a refillable water bottle. However, I am guilty of taking long hot showers, abundant laundry wash, and constant hand dish-washing. This month I’m inspired to take the step forward and expand my actions. Using the sink’s faucet at a lower pressure, I could easily save some wasted water. Just by becoming conscious each time I use water, I will transition my guilty non-green habits to eco-friendly actions.

• • •

A resource that a PGC-er chose to write about… is a directory of websites that provide information about eco-friendly living. On this site I looked up an article on how to lower carbon emissions while travelling. They suggest walking, renting a bike, or taking the bus while traveling instead of renting a car. Also, they suggest renting a vacation house instead of staying in a hotel because you have more control over the temperature, changing linens, etc.

• • •

One PGC-er wrote about Good Guide…

This website is perfect for me as it will provide an easy way for me to find the most eco-friendly products in my supermarket whenever I go shopping with my mom. I can download this App onto my mother’s iPhone as well as my sister’s (since I do not own one) and that way they can use it every time they go shopping for groceries. In order to make sure they use it, I can go with them as often as I can to evaluate all the products we put on our shopping cart. I can use it to be as selective as possible on what we end up buying. This can help me later on in the challenge as it will help me start going greener by doing one of the most basic things to become environmentally friendly: buying green!

• • •

First day’s challenge is completed 😀 I’m excited for tomorrow’s challenge! Keep up the great work!

• • •

Fantastic! Thanks for facilitating this amazing program by the way, I’m really looking forward to the next month of challenges!

About Project Green Challenge

Project Green Challenge is a powerful, diverse, and far-reaching movement inspiring young people to take action and protect our planet. This October, Teens Turning Green is energizing high school and college students across the country to participate in Project Green Challenge, a 30-day green lifestyle initiative. The Challenge will raise awareness about conscious living, informed consumption and the collective impact of each of our actions. With the guidance of eco experts, industry leaders and the PGC Guide to Living Green, participants will discover how fun, easy and effective eco living can be.

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