Look who’s talking about Project Green Challenge! Greta Guide!

Join Project Green Challenge’s upcoming 30-day eco lifestyle Challenge in mobilizing high school and college students nationwide through fun, simple, and high impact daily steps. We challenge you to complete themed actions each day in October. Can you do it? Can you take your life from conventional to conscious? 

Sign up to take the 30-day eco lifestyle Challenge and they’ll deliver the daily challenges directly to your inbox, complete with resources, tips, a glossary, experts, videos, and more. I’ll be contributing to the Challenge, by providing a daily challenge that relates to sustainable fashion and beauty, so keep you eyes out for that and help us create a more conscious world through this fantastic challenge!

About Project Green Challenge

Project Green Challenge is a powerful, diverse, and far-reaching movement inspiring young people to take action and protect our planet. This October, Teens Turning Green is energizing high school and college students across the country to participate in Project Green Challenge, a 30-day green lifestyle initiative. The Challenge will raise awareness about conscious living, informed consumption and the collective impact of each of our actions. With the guidance of eco experts, industry leaders and the PGC Guide to Living Green, participants will discover how fun, easy and effective eco living can be.

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